It is our philosophy a great pipe organ is an artistic work of craftsmanship, one that can offer decades or even centuries of music-making.  Like all musical instruments and mechanical equipment, pipe organs require regular tuning and maintenance to last for decades.

In operation for almost a quarter century, Hayes Pipe Organ Service has experience maintaining many types of pipe organs. Through these years, we have proven to offer prompt, reliable, and thoughtful management of each client.  We are familiar with the wide variety of instruments commonly found in this region, and are accustomed to the requirements for their proper care.

The scope of our business is tuning, maintenance, and repairs.  If your needs exceed the scope of our service options, we have the capacity to assist you with a connection.  Although we are not an organ building firm, we certainly see the result of a lot of other people's work.  Whether you seek maintenance, or are considering modifying  your instrument, talk to us.  We'll be happy to provide the information you require.